The Faux Finish Feature Wall Art Collection

Let’s create a one-of-a-kind wall feature for your home or business!

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What is Faux Finish Feature Wall Art?

The world of custom finishes is so amazing today that it can be a little scary to commit to a stone or travertine wall in your house or business.  What if you change your mind or find a new style or perhaps you just don’t want your space under construction for a month while the wall is being created?

We all have commitment issues

I personally want all these finishes in my own house, but deep down, I really don’t want to adhere them to the walls. If I went through a hundred hours of time and potentially thousands of dollars to create a single wall that would NOT be easy to remove especially if specialized texture – I would probably just not do it and paint or do something easier and less permanent.

Make it into Art

That hesitation really takes a lot of amazing design ideas and super cool décor away from all of us!  I want to take innovative custom finishes, create texturally interesting one-of-a-kind designs and craft them on different mediums like wood planks, metal sheets, plywood, flexible cork boards, frames/molding or even furniture pieces – you name it!

Killer pieces with no mess

Your unique ART creation will then be installed on the walls, creating a custom finished space that isn’t permanent.  If we design a furniture or décor piece together, it will accent your space for a unique touch! And the best part is I don’t have to take over your space and create a construction zone. All the work will be done in my Studio and brought to you when finished for installation or display only!

Go wild!

Think outside a paint can! Let’s come up with great ideas and beautiful unique finishes to accent your home or office without the commitment or hassle. And don’t limit yourself to only indoors – let’s go outside and create too! Many finishes are exterior rated, so the opportunities are endless.


Check out The Gallery for inspiration and ideas!