Why nluv™ Studio & Who Cares About Inspiration?

Everyone Deserves To Be Inspired!

Period. No questions. No arguments! Inspiration is that special something inside each of us that deserves to grow, flourish and take over our daily lives. And perhaps as a bonus, you’ll end up sharing a bit of that positivity with those around you.

If you’re reading this, you either are a crafter or at least know a few. Lots of people don’t think they are the crafty-type, but that’s just not true. Everyone has some component of creativity inside of them. Maybe it’s the artsy kind or perhaps you are a whiz at technology or medicine or you make the best cappuccino anyone’s ever tasted. Those are all creative talents. You don’t have to paint to be an artist. Artistic beauty comes in many forms. Regardless if you’re someone who sees a pile of random stuff and envisions the perfect wall art or if you perhaps just see a pile of random stuff, you can still get crafty & inspired and live a positive life!

Deep Down We Are All Crafty

I love to make fun & creative things and give them as gifts or fill my space up with them. Too often the negatives in life can take over and drown out the positive, inspirational moments. The TV, radio, Internet, movies… everything just seems like doom and gloom sometimes. That can really wear on you after a while and start to pull the positivity and inspiration right out of you! We want to combat that and give everyone a creative outlet to craft, have fun and end up with an inspirational piece to keep or give as a gift to someone who needs it. If you make it yourself, it just means something more to you. And when you customize it with colors, words, names and anything else you can think of, it truly becomes a one-of-a-kind creation of your very own… whether you thought you were crafty or not.

We are here to create inspirational crafts and DIY craft kits for you to spark that inner inspiration and share positivity with those in your life. Make time for yourself and those you care about. Put a little craft time into your day and see what happens. Happy crafting!

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