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Windowsills? When’s the last time you actually looked at your windowsills? As you finish a room renovation by changing colors, furnishings or even its architecture, your windowsills might not fit in so well anymore. They may be a small detail, but a little effort on them can make all the difference. A simple windowsill revival is just the ticket!

Why a Windowsill Revival?

Just like freshening up trim and doors, windowsills sit in the same category. They might look white or another ‘matching’ color to your new decor, but after you finish the room, you may notice they are dull or ‘dirty’ looking. A simple coat of paint can blend them into your new decor or a pop of texture or color can pull them out as a new design feature.

Color or no color

windowsill revival color pop

Go bold with a color pop!

If you want your windowsills to blend in with your new decor, a fresh coat of white or trim color may be the perfect finish. If you are feeling bold or really like the architecture of your windowsills, highlight them with added texture or a pop of color. What’s the worst that can happen? If you hate the result, just paint them again and no one will know about your little experiment.

Simple Painting Step-by-Step instructions

Windowsill makeovers are so easy! You can literally use any kind of paint for a big impact.

windowsill revival

An etching agent can help adhesion on hard-to-paint surfaces.

  1. Always start off with a good scrubbing. Windowsills are dirty especially if you open windows so get them as clean as possible!
  2. Remove any old caulking around the edges.
  3. If you are worried about paint adhesion, consider using an etching product to add some ‘grip’ to the surface or prime the windowsill as a first step.
  4. Pick a paint – any paint. If you want things super simple, use the same paint as you used on your trim and doors. If you love chalk paint, go for it! And, if you are going bold and kicking up the color, make sure you get enough coats on to fully cover the base and create a vibrant finish.
    windowsill revival

    Apply thin coats till your color is deep & provides full coverage.

  5. If you used a chalk paint, don’t forget to properly seal your paint job. I prefer a heavy-duty furniture style sealer as windowsills can take a beating with dirt, water and paw-prints! If you insist on using wax, just make sure you apply enough coats and I then recommend buffing to give a shiny finish which is easy to wipe clean when needed.
  6. To finish it all off, caulk the edges around the window and walls. That will seal it all up and create perfect edges!

Subtle but striking

windowsill revival

Fresh new paint for a glowing touch!

A fresh windowsill will light up the room without anyone knowing they are responsible. It is an easy project that rewards big. Don’t forget the details around your room like windowsills, trim, doors, air vents, light switches, etc. These little touches can bring the whole design together and show your attention to detail for a complete design plan.

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