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Using Crafts And Art For Inspiration

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When you think of art, most people ask the question “How do I get inspiration for my artwork?” But I don’t think of art that way. Let’s flip it and go about this in a new a direction. What if instead of trying to find inspiration for making art, you take the ideas you hold on the inside that inspire YOU and create crafts and art that represent those dreams and desires? I am talking about using crafts and art FOR inspiration rather than looking at art to find inspiration.

Whatever you surround yourself with, in people, things, environment, etc., it has an effect on your overall demeanor. If you are constantly bombarded by sadness and negativity, no matter how hard you try, it will seep into you over time until you too become sad and negative. But the opposite can also happen. Fill your life with positivity, motivational people, inspirational ideas, and look out world! You’ll be unstoppable and on a mission, to do, create, and be everything you’ve ever wanted.

And that’s how I look at the arts and crafts world. Create amazing craft projects for an inspiration reminder on a daily basis. Make what inspires you every time you see it or read it. When life gets busy, it’s never a bad idea for a little nudge of what really matters. Your dreams. Your inner strength. Your desire to grow and share. Whatever THAT is, put it in your crafts and art for inspiration day in and day out!

Not All Crafts Are Created Equal

There are infinite numbers of crafters and artists out there on Etsy, Google, and in brick and mortar stores that create beautiful crafts. The world of crafting isn’t a billion dollar business for nothing. But with that being said, not all crafts are created equal. What I mean by that is it’s nice to think of someone and buy them a gift, but it’s a whole different level when you put your own personal creativity and energy into producing something.

I’m not saying you have to become a super crafter and buy every tool and material to start making all your gifts from scratch. That’s just crazy talk. But what I do mean is you can look for crafters that first put their heart and soul into hand crafting their designs and instead package them up as craft kits so YOU can add your own flair to the design and pour a bit of yourself into the final piece. DIY craft kits are one of the best ways to make something beautiful with all the personal heartfelt emotion you have to share.

This is the number #1 reason I am so passionate about DIY craft kits and have designed the entire nluv Finish and Design Studio around it. I’m always looking for the right materials and powerful yet simple messages to include in every kit so YOU can create amazing art for inspiration in your own life and those you care about. We all have to fill our spaces with something. No one should live in a blank box. So, we might as well hang up positive influences, motivational words, and inspiring thoughts so we can live them every day and share them with everyone we meet.

DIY inspirational projects art for inspiration

Project Your Inner Inspiration Out Into The World

If you had to describe yourself in a few words, how would you do it? What about if you had to write out what you want to feel or what you want to do in everyday life? Most all of us have an image in our mind of what we want in life. You don’t have to be an artist or creative by trade to appropriately express yourself. What else are we supposed to do with all those walls surrounding us every day? Art inspiration is a great place to start!

Dream. Fabulous. Love. Happiness. Victorious. Perseverance. Faith. This list could go on forever, but for each of us individually, there is a list of how we want people to see us and how we want to see and live ourselves. Put your arts and crafts to work for you. Have fun making things that actually inspire you to do even more in life. Sure, you can go buy anything you want to hang on your walls or give as gifts. But what if it actually meant something to you. Made an impact on you in a positive way. Get selfish with your motivational art. It’s time you look at your inspirational wall art in a different way and start making it for YOU.

Chalkboards Aren’t Just For Chores

chalkboard craft kits I love chalkboards. Especially since the advent of the chalk pen instead of dusty, dirty chalk sticks. Being a stickler for clean edges, markers just suit my fancy so much better. Putting sticky notes all over the house to remember things to do isn’t very inspiring. And if you’re a person that really likes order, having paper all over the place can create anxiety. A well placed chalkboard to help remember the little but important things as well as to leave a nice message for someone to see on their way out for the day is a great way to inject a little inspiration into your daily life.

But let’s take it a step further and add the motivating factor to the chalkboard itself. Then regardless of what you write on it, that perfectly placed little chalkboard will stir up a smile all on its own… which then in turn could get you to write a little love note or draw a smiley face. Make your next chalkboard a Chalkboard DIY Craft kit or Fun Die Cut Shape and jazz up that little to-do board with permanent positivity.

Want to get in on the chalkboard game but do all the crafting yourself? Go for it! To help you along your craft journey, dive into out article How To Make A Custom Chalkboard From Start To Finish and see how we go about the custom chalkboard process and see if it works for you.

Wall Art With Inspiring Brains & Beauty

use crafting and art for inspiration daily Don’t ever consider that old [stupid] saying again that you can’t have brains and beauty. Of course, you can. There are zillions of examples. And now even the world of crafting is part of it too. Motivational art is a big market. There’s just something fun and inspirational about that cute cat poster that tells you to Hang In There. And I completely agree with that and that’s why all of our nluv Studio DIY Wall Art kits center around some inspiring idea to make it the focus of your project. Animal themes make amazing craft projects and so do beautiful things like nature or hearts. Pair them with an inspirational component and you have yourself a handcrafted art piece made by you that’s all brains and beauty combined.

Boring Bulletin Boards Are No More

cork board DIY craft kits corkboard craftsEvery desk seems to have a cork board somewhere within its reaches. Home. School. Work. They just always seem to be there, lurking on a wall nearby. Inspirational is not how anyone describes them though. I have an office wall that is nothing but bulletin boards, and they are full of papers and notes of things I don’t want to file away but don’t want to forget about. They really just look like a cluttered mess and definitely don’t inspire me to get near them or think a positive thought.

What if we could change that and encourage ourselves to leave the boring (and probably not that importnat) papers in a filing system and use our cork board to remind ourselves of the really important things but with an added kick of inspiration? Now that’s a cork board to get excited about. And even better, don’t just buy your next cork board. Make it yourself. With a DIY Craft Kit, you can personalize the look so it’s exactly what you want. Natural high quality grade cork is expensive but in a craft kit, you can get all the pieces you need to end up with a quality product that means something to you. Create your next cork board with our DIY Cork Board Craft Kit.

A Single Word Can Spark The Soul

inspirational words arts and crafts embellishments scrapbookingWe all find inspiration in something. It could be the outdoors, travel, family, or a hobby. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where we find it as long as we do. Seek it out intentionally. For some of us, there may be a word that resonates with us. Or maybe it’s several words or a special saying. Never underestimate the power of a single word. And once you know what that trigger is for you, get creative and find ways to incorporate it into your surroundings. Craft projects and scrapbooking are great places to weave in your favorite inspirational words.

Decoupage onto furniture. Dress up an old picture frame. Create a mixed media painting with lots of color and word pops. Whatever you come up with, it’s perfect. Because when you’re the designer, you can only end up with what you want. Need word ideas? We have 55 Inspirational Word Cutouts to embellish your projects.

Dreams Are Ignited By Animal Encouragement

animal art for inspiration crafts and craft kitsAnimals are amazing. In the wild. As our companions and fur-babies. They can also bring positivity and enjoyment as arts and crafts projects. Many of us have a favorite animal so there’s a high likelihood that somewhere in your house are pictures, paintings, or some décor adorning them. A fun lighthearted piece incorporating the beauty and innocence of animals is a great way to ignite our dreams. Animal art for inspiration will do the trick every time. That’s why we have a whole line dedicated to DIY Animal Encouragement Craft Kits to spark your imagination. It’s also a wonderful way to create a hand crafted gift for someone that you know loves animals. They can hang it on their wall, get inspired, and think of you all at the same time.

Using craft time to create art for inspiration is a great hobby to pick up or just do more of. In a world that always seems to be filled with negative news reports and disastrous events, the more positivity we stir up, the more we can share it with those around us. A little cheer here and there can multiply and cascade through our daily lives to become part of the new normal.