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Hi! I’m Jaime and this is my faux finishing studio! It’s so exciting to finally bring life to a dream I’ve had for so long. And now, I can’t wait for the next chapter to share it with all of you. Though I’ve always felt ‘artistic’ on the inside, I never let it out or embraced it. Instead, I just swept it under the rug and kept climbing the corporate ladder. Working most of my career in technology and traveling the globe, I experienced so many amazing cultures… but my heart was always missing something.

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Surrounded by inspiration

nature inspired lake tahoe trees inspirationLiving all across the U.S., my husband Alex and I decided it was time to settle down. The decision wasn’t hard. Lake Tahoe was at the top of our mountain town list and South Lake Tahoe was our spot. I remember in high school learning to snowboard at Heavenly Ski resort and driving up to Tahoe, feeling so cool and carefree.

As an adult living here permanently, surrounded by nature and inspiration, I made the big decision to leave the corporate world. I was ready to follow my inner artist, wanting to become a part of this amazing community we live in. I have always loved painting but when I found the world of faux finishing and decorative mediums, I started imagining unique finishes from those things in my life that inspired me… and so, the idea for my nluv Finish and Design Studio was born.

Make a bold statement with your Memories

faux finish design studio wall art custom nluv faux finishingMy goal is two-fold yet simple. I strive to create Faux Finish Feature Wall Art, Furniture & Décor and then wrapit nluv! What does that mean? In a nutshell, I want to take those things in your life that you treasure, merging your memories, collectables and other special items, into useful pieces that you can enjoy and experience each and everyday! And while we’re at it, let’s expand your horizons into the vast world of faux finishes by creating one-of-a-kind feature wall art pieces that let you take a chance in your design but leave the fear of commitment and permanence behind!

faux finish custom memories memory nluv custom art wrapit faux finishingDon’t throw away what you have or give up on doing something bold. Let’s breathe new life into them and incorporate all those memories stuffed away in boxes! The world of faux finishing has expanded so far that textures like stones, travertine, plasters, suede, paper, etc. can revitalize existing pieces or create wondrous new accents most people can’t imagine. So many of us want to put a mark on our spaces but sometimes the commitment to a finish is too much so we shy away. Not anymore!

No fear – just Creativity

creative ideas board nluv faux finish studio projects DIY faux finishingDon’t be afraid! I want you to take a chance – try something bold! Rather than permanently affix anything to your walls, let’s create custom feature wall art or even custom furniture/décor, allowing you to pick an awesome finish and bring your personality into the design without the fear should something else inspire you later. And to truly make it personal, let’s incorporate special memories like photos, newspapers, announcements, or something you collect and end up with a piece dear to your heart. It will be something you’ll enjoy every day you see it or even better, make for someone else that will have a lasting impact on their lives too.

And while we are crafting these designs just for you, we also get to promote and inspire sustainability in our communities by re-purposing, refurbishing and reusing what we already have! It’s a WIN-WIN!

My hope is to inspire you and spur your inner creativity. I’ll share projects and ideas as well as finished pieces each week through my blog, The nluv Memos. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us through our social media channels to keep up with all that is happening.

Do you have a project idea? Contact me and let’s get started on your design today!

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