The wrapit nluv collection

Enjoy your most treasured memories and collectables every day!

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What is ‘wrapit nluv’?

The underlying premise for my Studio is using those things you have and re-purpose them so you can fall ‘nluv’ all over again. Everyone I know has family heirlooms, things they collect or stash away in file cabinets, boxes or even sitting on their computer like photos, announcements, newspaper clippings, diplomas, family documents… whatever it may be.

Don’t tuck away your memories

I want to take those things you cherish most and ‘finish’ them onto items you’ll enjoy, use and see everyday. No more boxes stuffed away in the attic! Don’t worry… We won’t take your originals if you just can’t part with them. Copies can be made of most anything and then incorporated into a finish for furniture, wall art, lamps, doors, crates, boxes, baskets, molding, whatever! You name it and I can finish it onto an item you can use, display or have made for someone else.

Re-live your special moments everyday

I thought of my own family with this technique. We all have boxes full of mementos and collectables but can’t enjoy any of them because there isn’t anything to do with all this paper and photos except keep in a box. Not anymore! Let’s take those special treasures and create personal, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces you can actually display and enjoy each day! What about a gift for a special occasion like a wedding, baby, anniversary, or anything else special?

We all collect something

If you don’t have boxes of mementos, there are so many other avenues to take this. Do you collect anything? What about magazines, stickers, paper bags, unique beer labels (I collect these!) or anything else that sits in a stack or pile somewhere in your home or office? Sounds like a perfect candidate to incorporate into a unique finish on a piece for you to enjoy. Whatever it is you hold special and would enjoy incorporating into your daily life, it’s a great choice for the wrapit nluv technique.


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