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Welcome to the ‘Featured Finishes’ Series.

Each week we will showcase different faux finishes and share details behind their creation, where to use them and a few possibilities to help kick-start your imagination. Most finishes are beautiful on wood, furniture, decor as well as custom wall art – don’t limit yourself by a single sample. Think about your own style and tastes. What colors and textures inspire you?

This week, let’s get… Rugged yet refined


Cork It!textured faux finish walls paint traverine villa accent plaster furniture texture venetian plaster roller cork natural is inspired simply from the beauty of natural cork. An unexpected design, this textured faux finish creates a focal point for any space. It looks beautiful as the backdrop for a feature wall art installation as well as on its own. Cork It! also transforms the look and feel of furniture, doors and cabinets, bringing a tactile quality to them. The irregular pattern of cork scales up for an entire wall display or delicately downsizes for a shoe box. The amount of movement in the finish is controlled by the horizontal and vertical patterns of the medium and accentuated by the high & low spots creating depth. Beginning with a neutral base, the end color palette is fully customizble. For a more natural look, follow the traditional neutral color scheme of natural cork. But, if your space needs a kick, spice things up with a bright, bold accent color.


textured faux finish walls paint villa accent plaster furniture texture villa stone cracked venetian plaster stencil layersBreaking Through traditional ideas and textures, this finish creates a multidimensional experience that peaks a curious mind. This finish is amazing on a grand scale, drawing everyone into the space and holding their attention. As a multi-layer faux finish, several mediums combined together create the overall depth. Each layer, built upon the previous, develops a complex and intriguing end result. Full design creativity embodies this finish with the use of stencils, plasters and stone-like materials, layering them on top of one another. Each layer is an opportunity to insert another focal point whether it by design or color. The overall color palette can be monochromatic, creating a harmonious experience. On the other hand, if a particular layer is the focal point, a bold color inserted as a draw to the eyes will ensure the intended element shines above the rest.


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