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It feels like Winter just started here in Lake Tahoe as we’ve had a late start this year. Our typical weather phenomenon of a ‘Miracle March‘ is in full swing, but according to the calendar, Spring is just around the corner. Can you believe it’s already daylight savings time this upcoming weekend? Wow, time is flying by! We have a lot of Spring Projects stacking up on the board for nluv Studio that will take us well into summertime. We’re excited to start crossing them off the list and sharing with all of you!

Spring Projects: The Lineup


inspirational signs spring projects

Kick off the day w/ inspiration!

Stacks of wooden boxes and piles of old pallets & reclaimed wood are screaming to be crafted into fun, uplifting, one-of-a-kind home decor. We have drawings of custom chalkboards, rustic photo frames, inspirational signs and customized wooden boxes just waiting to emerge from the design cycle.

There’s also a few home projects on the list that may inspire you to give them a try in your house. We love making organization into art, like with our Snowboard Wall, so we have a few more ideas up our sleeves. A custom mirror frame and a cool ‘closet’ hack turned wall art will soon adorn our walls… and don’t worry, we will publish a DIY guide so you can give it a go as well!


estate sale refinishing ruths crate furniture wrapit nluv home decor spring projects

Adorable vintage 3-drawer crate

One entire room in our Studio is full of furniture just waiting to be reborn. We have an amazing lineup of vintage dressers & tables as well as some newer, neglected pieces in dire need of some TLC. Unwanted furniture doesn’t belong in the trash. It just belongs in someone else’s house with a new found pizzazz!

We must make room for more inventory but we can’t do it until we finish these pieces and get them to their new homes. Furniture projects like this are great to intermingle with other larger, long running projects like home renovations. When you have ‘wait times’ for one project, you can kick off another to fill the void. It’s a great way to maximize your time and stay productive.


building a catalog

Our catalog will help keep things organized!

We are super excited to launch our new stencil line later this year. Taking our love of graphic design and combining it with inspirational energy, we will not only use our custom designs in our own projects, but look forward to sharing our stencil designs with the larger artistic DIY community. It will be fun to see people using our stencils in their projects and spreading a little positivity throughout their daily lives. In a world filled with so much negativity, we could all use a little more happiness and uplifting reminders to kick start our days. Positivity really is infectious so we hope our stencils sprinkle it all around…

Online Store

wrapit nluv custom frames buffing wax spring projects

Photo frames as wall art.

Our dreams of an online store have been in the works for a while and this is the year it will happen. Our lineup will start small and grow over time, ensuring we stay focused on quality product and great customer service. Some items will be one-offs such as furniture pieces or reclaimed custom art. All handmade, other items will be more consistent such as home decor like wooden boxes, chalkboards and inspirational signs and we’ll even take custom orders for that special occasion.

We fall nluv with every price we make but the best part is seeing its new found family enjoying it in their spaces. We love that part especially when we get to see pictures!

Home Renovations

carpet tile subfloor room cleared spring projects

New flooring is on the way!

The home renovation bucket is definitely the biggest, must-do list. This is purely about sharing our How-To processes and hoping to inspire others to take on a little DIY of their own. Some things are best left to the professionals, like building a new house, but the projects we have lined up are perfect for that adventurous DIY soul that just wants to jazz things up on a small renovation budget.

We’ll be tacking painted cabinetry & wood accents, sink refinishing, new flooring, interior & exterior paint, deck refinishing… and a few more that we haven’t even thought of yet. It will be a great time with lots of learning (and sharing) along the way!

Whew… now that is a list of Spring Projects! You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. We will work our way through all our Spring Projects and make sure we share our journey with you. Hopefully you get a few ideas from what we share & tackle your own DIY endeavors this coming season. Happy creating!

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