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Mission Inspiration Success… more road trip please!

Our “Mission Inspiration” road trip has been a blast! It’s been so much fun that we extended it a few more days and are still on the road. More road trip please!! We have met amazing people, ate beautiful & delicious food, snowboarded killer powder and found thousands of photo & video worthy experiences! We will have so much to go through when we get home… I can’t wait!

Please stay tuned to see what we uncovered in our travels, inspiring some new designs we’ll add to our line this year. Pictures, colors, ideas galore! To see a detailed account of our travels, highlighting local businesses along the way, follow Local Freshies as they recount the trip and our adventure. It’s road trip extension time so we’re off for a few more inspirational moments before we close out our travels.

Till then… sign up for The nluv Memos and keep in touch!

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