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‘Featured Finishes’ Series: Episode 4

Al Natural is the only way to go! This week our focus is the explosion of growth and colors as Spring is in full swing. Natural textures and images drive many designs and are a wonderful source of creativity. And… Lake Tahoe is no exception. Her expansive beauty perfectly fits the description. Full of trees, flowers and a multitude of beautiful foliage, every season shows a different side of her personality. The wide variety of trees that fill the canopy are magnificent and stately with their presence.  Incorporating the ‘Al Natural’ essence into our own spaces is the perfect way to enjoy the view inside without disturbing the balance of nature outside.

This week, let’s get… Al ‘Tahoe’ Natural

faux finish walls paint accent plaster furniture texture plaster sandstone linen stone villa trees birch al natural aspen

Tahoe Quaking Aspen

The Quaking Aspen is a majestic tree whose name is derived from the way its leaves ‘quiver’ in the breeze. The Tahoe Basin is full of this beautiful specimen. Known for their amazing interconnected root systems, these beauties are best left outdoors where they can spread out and flourish. But that doesn’t mean you can’t design with them in mind and incorporate the Aspen into your space. With the wide array of textures, stencils and colors in the faux finishing world, a mighty giant like the Aspen makes a great focal point in any room.

faux finish walls paint accent plaster furniture texture plaster sandstone linen stone villa trees birch al natural aspenAl ‘Tahoe’ Natural is a true representation of inspired by nature, bringing your landscape indoors. Whether dominating as a full size wall feature or an accent to a furniture piece, this custom faux finish has as many options as nature herself has colors and textures. Al Natural is a multi layer finish consisting of a base texture, layered stencil and custom color palette.

If thinking of a large wall art design, consider a heavier texture for the base. Explore sandstone, travertine, and plasters as they make a killer foundation to layer stencils over. Smooth in texture like Cork It! or more highly textured as Breaking Through, both varieties would complement a layered Aspen stencil as a top coat or even embedded underneath. When thinking of your version of Al Natural, always consider your foundation first. Do you want a rugged or smooth & sophisticated texture? The sample here shows a sandy texture with a linen patterned finish.

faux finish walls paint accent plaster furniture texture plaster sandstone linen stone villa trees birch al natural aspen

Mother Nature’s reflection @ Red Lake Peak, Lake Tahoe

For your towering tree, do you see it as the top layer, putting it on full display or perhaps as a backdrop? And, don’t feel that the stencil itself must be flat in dimension, applied only with paint. Our sample uses Venetian plaster for the Aspen, giving it a sheen and feel of its own.

Let your imagination run free. Where would you put a natural foliage-inspired  design in your home or office? The only limits on this finish are within you. Go big with a whole forested wall or make a simple yet pointed statement with a few branches on an armoire. And don’t forget about incorporating other colors with leaves, seed pods, or even little birds relaxing in your tree. It’s purely up to you.

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