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I love wrapping gifts, sometimes even more than the gifts themselves! Living in South Lake Tahoe, glitz and glamor aren’t a normal part of our mountain lifestyle, at home or in the studio. Many houses are rustic, bringing the outdoors in to decorate our Tahoe getaways with views to die for. Mother Nature’s color palette is wide with vibrant greens, rich browns, bright flower accents and of course, the famous Tahoe deep blue waters & bluebird sky. You’d think with that description, I’d want to wrap all my gifts in wild, bright colors! NO WAY!

My favorite color palette is the beautiful, natural forest that surrounds us. The hues are peaceful and truly relaxing to the soul. Each day when I need a recharge, a quick break outside re-centers my mind & catapults my creativity. So, why not create a rustic wrapping motif perfect for the mountain lifestyle we all love so much? Let’s do it!

Rustic Wrapping

If you love warm colors & natural fibers, the forest is a perfect place to gather inspiration. Browns, greens & deep reds fill the Tahoe landscape, covered by pine trees, manzanitas and winter ‘snow’ flowers. With a short list of supplies and a little creativity, a personalized natural wrapping style will add that special touch to your gifts this year.


rustic wrapping

  • Heavy brown craft paper
  • Natural fiber ribbon with brown, red and green colors
  • Twine
  • Craft/scrapbook colored paper sheets (for tags) – red & green
  • Double sided tape
  • Brown packing tape
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter (for tags)
  • Paint Sharpie marker – white
  • Hand hole punch

Mountain-style Rustic Wrapping instructions

rustic wrapping

A simple twist adds a rustic charm!

#1: Cut craft paper slightly larger than the item. You don’t want a lot of excess or your corners will be bulky. Trim any edges.

#2: Use the double sided tape for clean edges & corners. I love the look of ‘not seeing’ the tape! If your paper is too heavy & the double sided tape isn’t holding, brown packing tape is a 2nd option as it will blend in with the paper.

#3: Time for ribbon. Cut a piece long enough to wrap around the package twice.

rustic wrapping

Tuck & secure the ribbon on the back for a clean finish.

TWIST: Start from the back and lay the ribbon flat against the package. Pull to the front and twist 90 degrees, then change directions and go over the other side of the package. This will create a crisscross ribbon design in the front. Cut ribbon and tuck with double sided tape under the other ribbon layer to secure.

BOW: Start from the front and lay ribbon flat against the package. Pull to the back and twist 90 degrees, then change directions and go over the other side of the package. This will create a crisscross ribbon design in the back and then let you tie a bow in the front. Tie a knot, tie the bow & cut excess ribbon.

rustic wrapping

Add a tag for a personal touch.

#4: Let’s make some tags. Take the craft/scrapbook paper & cut into shapes for your tags.

#5: Write on each tag with the paint Sharpie markers. Pick a color that will stand out.

#6: If you want to hang your tags, punch a hole & tie with twine otherwise stick in place with your double sided tape.

You’re done! Congrats on your beautiful, personal rustic wrapping!

Have as much fun with your wrapping as in the gifts themselves! Put a personal touch into wrapping your gifts and let people know how much you care. What better way to finish off a special gift for that special someone! What’s your favorite way to wrap presents? Share your ideas & Happy Holidays!

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