Amazing – Inspirational Cutouts & Laser Die Cuts for Scrapbooking and DIY Craft Projects


Laser cut custom word art for all your art, craft, and DIY projects. Choose your material and size.


Inspiration vs. Motivation. Motivation is that external “something” compelling you to do things, yet INSPIRATION comes only from you, on the inside. It’s that driving force to accomplish your dreams, strive for the highest peak, be your greatest, live your best life. It’s time for everyday inspiration. Surround yourself with positive influences and keep your dreams at the forefront while positively affecting those around you. And a great way to do it is incorporating unfinished wooden cutouts for crafts (for you to customize) and other craft materials into your DIY craft projects.

Designed to fill your world with positive influences and keep your train of awesomeness rolling forward. That’s the design of these inspirational unfinished wooden cutouts for crafts, also available in multiple crafting materials. Create custom word art, scrapbook pages, decoupage, craft projects, gifts… you name it, positive inspirational words fit any situation at any time. Choose words that mean the most to you and truly get those internal fires roaring. Or help encourage a friend or loved one by gifting them inspiration of their own to grow and nourish.

Don’t see the word (or the right size) that means the most to you? Let’s see what we can do about that. Send an email to, and let’s get working on that personalized word art together!


AMAZING custom word art; laser cut


  • 100% Recycled Paper Cardstock 100 lb.– Available in two colors: Light Sandstone or Brown Bag
  • Black Cherry Hardwood Veneer
  • Baltic Birch
  • Hardboard

*nluv Studio procures all materials from local businesses and/or made in the USA. Support local!


4”, 6” and 8” width.

  • 4″ wide, 1.6″ tall
  • 6″ wide, 2.4″ tall
  • 8″ wide, 3.2″ tall
  • Thickness: Cardstock 0.03”, Veneer 0.05”, Birch 0.13”, Hardboard 0.13″.

Have a question or don’t see the size you want? Send an email to

Inspirational Cutouts Use & Care

Inspirational cutouts are laser cut and shipped in their cutout sheets with removable adhesive tape to hold them in place. This is designed to create the sturdiest, safest method for shipping, so your custom word art arrives ready for you to create with. For the cardstock and veneer, remove each word carefully. You don’t want to tear or damage them. Tweezers are a great tool to remove the words from the cutout sheets, but a steady, gentle hand can work as well.

All materials are natural and unpainted/unstained. Enjoy either leaving them in their natural color, seal them with a clear coat for some shine or paint and stain them for a personal touch. Adhere your inspirational words using glue, magnets, double sided tape or even a decoupage medium. I’ve done them all and love each one! I’ve even painted the words and hung them up using twine or ribbon for ornaments or wall art. Your options are as wide as your inspirational imagination.

Order Fulfillment & Shipping

All orders are custom made to order. I make it when you order it, so it’s first come, first serve crafting. Since all orders are handcrafted by me, Jaime, processing times can be anywhere from 1 – 2 weeks depending on the number of orders in line before yours. Shipping waste matters to me, A LOT! All shipping materials are 100% recycled and either recyclable or biodegradable themselves. I want you to enjoy your inspirational craft supplies and not fill up your landfill in the process. Mother Nature is one of my biggest inspirations, so anything I can do to make her smile, the better!

Additional information

Word Cutout Material

Birch – Unstained Baltic, Cardstock – Brown Bag, Cardstock – Light Sandstone, Hardboard, Veneer – Natural Cherry Wood

Word Cutout Size

4" width, 6" width, 8" width


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