Manifest Journal: Volume One & Two – Sustainable Handcrafted Wood Journal


Manifest Journal – Take things a step further and start attracting what you want in life… and create your reality!



Dreaming. Wonder. Wishing for the future. It’s time to take things a step further and start attracting what you want in life… and create your reality! Handcrafted from sustainable materials, locally sourced in the USA. Our handcrafted manifest journal is the perfect place to create big goals, log your ultimate dreams, and then bring them into existence. Journals are very personal and a wonderful tool to add to your daily routine. Journals are also one of the most versatile creative outlets you can have. Sketch an idea. Write your inner most thoughts. Keep track of your bucket list and cross off each one as you do them. Put your dreams on paper and make them happen. Or fill your pages with whatever comes into your mind and either let it all go or manifest it to life.


One Handcrafted Manifest Journal includes one cherry wood veneer finished cover with graphics, one cherry wood veneer finished back cover, 40 blank custom-cut sheets of 100% recycled 100 lb. cardstock, two 1″ rings; laser cut


  • 100% Recycled Paper Cardstock 100 lb. in two colors: Light Sandstone or Brown Bag Cardstock
  • Cherry Wood Veneer
  • 1″ rings
  • Water-based wood stains
  • Artist acrylic paints
  • Shellac, Adhesive, & Glitter

*nluv Studio procures all materials from local businesses and/or made in the USA. Support local!


Completed journal is 6.5″ tall x 5″ wide. Total thickness is .8″.


We are truly nluv with journals. We use them in our daily meditation, expressive writing sessions, and to help start and end our days on a positive, cleansing note. But to us, how we craft our journals is just as important as how they’re used. All of our handcrafted wood journals are custom designed from materials grown, manufactured, and sourced in the USA. Our journals are created with love and care for the world around us. As you entrust your most inner thoughts to the pages, we make it a priority to construct them in a natural, sustainable way to further your positive journey through life.

The 1″ rings used in your journal’s construction make your journal pages accessible to remove, reorder, and/or replace. Find custom-cut journal page refill packs here and never run out of pages for your favorite journal design.

Each journal will be unique and no two will look alike, just like no two trees are identical. The natural cherry wood veneer will vary in grain and color.


All orders are custom made to order. Each journal is made when you order it, so it’s first come, first serve crafting. Since all orders are handcrafted, processing times can be up to 14 days, depending on the number of orders in line before yours. Shipping waste also matters A LOT! All shipping materials are recycled and either recyclable or biodegradable themselves. We want you to enjoy your handcrafted wood journal and not fill up your landfill in the process. Mother Nature is one of our biggest inspirations, so anything we can do to make her smile, the better! For more shipping details, visit our Shipping Info page.

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Journal Design

Volume One: Sun, Volume Two: Moon, Manifest Volume Set: Both

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