JOY! Chalkboard – Decorative Die Cut Mini Chalkboards


Get organized with fun, die cut chalkboard shapes. Organization doesn’t have to be boring. Make it both inspirational and functional! Choose your size.


Chalkboards are great but die cut inspirational & fun mini chalkboards are better! Jazz up your wall, office, kitchen, anywhere you want with these laser cut mini unique chalkboards designed to inspire you every day. Write notes, words of encouragement, important things to remember or just draw fun pictures and add lots of color for a punch of pizzazz. Easily hang anywhere by adding magnets, double-sided adhesive tape or attach picture hangers (consider using construction-type glue instead of nails so you don’t poke through the front of your chalkboard). I’ve even used tiny nails and hung these unique chalkboards on them through the open spaces of the letters. You can’t even see them!


One die cut chalkboard; laser cut


Chalkboard paint and hardboard.

*nluv Studio procures all materials from local businesses and/or made in the USA. Support local!


  • 18“ chalkboard: 18” x 10.4” dimensions, .25” thickness
  • 12” chalkboard: 12” x 7” dimensions, .25” thickness
  • 6” chalkboard: 6” x 3.5” dimensions, .25” thickness

Chalkboard Care & Cleaning

I started things off by allowing the chalkboard paint to dry for a full 3 days before putting this special chalkboard in your hands. But you get to write on it first! So now it’s your turn to decide the second part. The paint manufacturer recommends that once cured, you should prepare the surface for chalk by rubbing an actual stick of chalk (use the long side for easy coverage) over the entire surface and then erase it. You can then clean your chalkboard with soap and water or a chalkboard cleaning product. Use traditional chalk or chalk pens and get creative. It’s up to you how much color, fun, and inspiration you put into your space!

Order Fulfillment & Shipping

All orders are custom made to order. I make it when you order it, so it’s first come, first serve crafting. Since all orders are handcrafted by me, Jaime, processing times can be anywhere from 1 – 2 weeks depending on the number of orders in line before yours. Shipping waste matters to me, A LOT! All shipping materials are 100% recycled and either recyclable or biodegradable themselves. I want you to enjoy your inspirational craft supplies and not fill up your landfill in the process. Mother Nature is one of my biggest inspirations, so anything I can do to make her smile, the better!

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6" width, 12" width, 18" width


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