Filled With Strength – Framed Word Art DIY Craft Kit



I AM filled with strength because I am resilient, courageous, brave, victorious, powerful, tenacious and remarkable! I AM all these things. YOU ARE all these things. But when’s the last time you told yourself this or proclaimed it out loud? Inspiration comes from within but sometimes we need a reminder of what we know on the inside to make things happen as we churn through the daily grind. You must speak positivity to get it! You must surround yourself with positive influences so you can positively influence others. This framed word art DIY craft kit is the perfect way to get you engaged with your inner inspiration and then put it in your space to see and say every day. If you love crafting and filling your space with positive influences or know someone who fits that persona, this is the framed word art craft kit for you!


This is a CRAFT KIT not a finished piece, for you to put together and customize however you want. I enjoyed designing the idea and giving you all the pieces. But now it’s your turn to handcraft a project that will mean so much more than any store-bought item. Put on your crafty hat and get painting, glueing, and creating for a craft project that will leave a lasting impression and actually mean something to you. When you pour your own creativity and time into something, it just means more!

We all have that little creative spark inside of us, but that doesn’t mean you want to come up with a project idea from scratch for every occasion. Not to mention the tools and machines needed to bring your design to life! This is your opportunity to take a handcrafted project kit and DIY your way to a custom, one-of-a-kind crafted piece to inspire you every day or give as a gift (either the kit itself or you make it for them) to someone who will appreciate a little positive inspiration in their own space.


One DIY CRAFT KIT includes one hardboard base cutout & one center frame with seven diagonal panels, one top frame, one star cutout, seven inspirational words (all Baltic birch pieces); laser cut


Baltic birch, hardboard

*nluv Studio procures all materials from local businesses and/or made in the USA. Support local!


Completed project is 15” x 10.5”; .5” thickness

DIY Craft Project Instructions & Tips

All pieces are laser cut and ready for paint/stain and assembly. Depending on the temperature and humidity when shipping, the 1/8” birch frame pieces may become slightly bowed when you open your package. Don’t worry! Once you glue the three layers together, making the project 1/2” thick, the strength of the three pieces together will straighten out your project for hanging or framing. Use a strong bonding agent to glue the layers together. Consider placing weight on them as they dry to encourage an even adhesion across the entire surface. I’ve used Gorilla spray glue, construction adhesive, super glue, and wood glue to complete my craft kits.

All inspirational word cutouts are shipped in their cutout sheets with removable adhesive tape to hold them in place. This is designed to create the sturdiest, safest method for shipping, so your custom framed word art arrives ready for you to create with.

All materials are natural and unpainted/unstained. I recommend painting all the pieces first and then assembling your project. That way you don’t have to worry about smearing any colors or smudging your design. And for even more protection when you are finished, a clear spray coat can seal your whole art piece for years of enjoyment!

Order Fulfillment & Shipping

All orders are custom made to order. I make it when you order it, so it’s first come, first serve crafting. Since all orders are handcrafted by me, Jaime, processing times can be anywhere from 1 – 2 weeks depending on the number of orders in line before yours. Shipping waste matters to me, A LOT! All shipping materials are 100% recycled and either recyclable or biodegradable themselves. I want you to enjoy your inspirational craft supplies and not fill up your landfill in the process. Mother Nature is one of my biggest inspirations, so anything I can do to make her smile, the better!