I AM… – Inspirational Wood Word Cutouts


Single or 4-Pack Series (one of each)

Birch – Unstained Baltic

Laser cut custom wood cutouts and inspirational word art for all your art, craft, and DIY projects. Choose your saying and size.


Declare it! Say it out loud! Shout it from the mountain top! It’s time to say I AM… and put your declaration on display for everyone to see, especially YOU. Inspiration comes from within and you can do anything you put your mind to. So why not fill your space with your declaration for greatness! And let these crafts cutouts help you do it.


Create a custom art project and make your declaration for greatness center stage. Paint it. Frame it. Hang it. However you want and wherever you want. Any way you display it, make sure you see it & believe in yourself every day and always aim for transforming your dreams into reality.


One die cut inspirational saying or 4-Pack Series (one of each saying); laser cut


  • Birch – Unstained Baltic

*nluv Studio procures all materials from local businesses and/or made in the USA. Support local!


I AM Courageous: 18″ width – 18” x 6.6” dimensions, .13” thickness; 12″ width – 12“ I AM Courageous: 12” x 4.4” dimensions, .13” thickness

I AM Resilient: 18″ width – 18” x 9.5” dimensions, .13” thickness; 12″ width – 12“ I AM Resilient: 12” x 6.3” dimensions, .13” thickness

I AM Tenacious: 18″ width – 18” x 7.8” dimensions, .13” thickness; 12″ width – 12“ I AM Tenacious: 12” x 5.2” dimensions, .13” thickness

I AM Victorious: 18″ width – 18” x 8” dimensions, .13” thickness; 12″ width – 12“ I AM Victorious: 12” x 5.4” dimensions, .13” thickness

Inspirational Cutouts Use & Care

Designed and laser cut from Baltic birch, a raw unstained crafts cutouts is coming your way. Get ready to uniquely personalize it according to your style. Clear coat it for the most natural look or stain/paint it to add just the right amount of color and jazz to your project. Let your creative imagination go wild. Put the finishing touches on your cutout and display it however you like. Just have fun and put your I AM statement out there!

Order Fulfillment & Shipping

All orders are custom made to order. I make it when you order it, so it’s first come, first serve crafting. Since all orders are handcrafted by me, Jaime, processing times can be anywhere from 1 – 2 weeks depending on the number of orders in line before yours. Shipping waste matters to me, A LOT! All shipping materials are 100% recycled and either recyclable or biodegradable themselves. I want you to enjoy your inspirational craft supplies and not fill up your landfill in the process. Mother Nature is one of my biggest inspirations, so anything I can do to make her smile, the better!

Additional information

I AM Inspirational Sayings

4-Pack Series (one of each), I AM Courageous, I AM Resilient, I AM Tenacious, I AM Victorious

"I AM" Sizes

12", 18"