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Time flies when you’re head first into a complete house renovation & running another full time business. For those of you that followed along in 2018, last April we kicked off a massive house renovation, top to bottom… no surface left untouched. I couldn’t be happier to report that this project is closed & in the books as completed! So what’s next? It’s time to share content, relaunch nluv Studio & get inspired!

So How Was It?

kitchen remodel paint cabinets

A kitchen renovation is a lot of work.

Did we have fun? Sometimes. Did we learn a lot? You bet! But it’s time to get back into the swing of things & bring nluv Studio back to life. One good thing I did do during the whole project was document the noteworthy finishes, processes, other interesting mini projects along the way.

Now it’s time to start organizing all that content so I can share it with all of you! The best part about sharing is helping others not make the same mistakes and hopefully share a few ideas you may not have considered. More to come on this…

The Studio’s Condition

art studio

OMG. This is what happens when you renovate & run out of space.

While we were busy renovating, the studio grew into a wasteland of tools, furniture & left-over everything from the project. Before anything cool or interesting comes out of the studio, it must first be put back into a working condition.

The only one who seems to navigate it well is Gus, but that’s probably because he’s a cat that wiggles his way through anything.

Too Many Ideas

Before the renovation took over all aspects of life itself, I had lots of product & project ideas for nluv Studio. Too many in fact. Watching several of my friends build their businesses as well as following other entrepreneur’s journeys, I knew in my heart I had to focus my offerings to a sustainable product line that I’m not only passionate about but can successfully produce. I’m not quite there yet but soon enough, I’ll have the product line set & nluv Studio will be off to the races.

So until then, I hope you follow along as I share my renovation projects & launch the nluv Studio product line later this year. See you in the studio!

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  • Patti Pirozzi says:

    I saw the project from beginning to end….what a fabulous job and huge undertaking. I’d have you renovate my house from top to bottom. Beautiful workmanship and no corners cut. nluvstudio you are the real deal in perfection.

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