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‘Featured Finishes’ Series: Episode 5

I don’t know about you, but I love food! This week our attention is on amazingly edible creations that inspire design.  The talent of culinary geniuses in plating food that’s almost too beautiful to eat can be the catalyst for stunning decorative faux finishes. Mother Nature provides so many colors and textures in her food varieties. For artists, this inspires paintings & sculptures, but for us at nluv Studio, it’s all about finishes & custom wall art. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery and beautiful food inspires beautiful designs.

This week, let’s get… Amazingly Edible

amazingly edible culinary art nature inspired inspiration color vibrance fluidity venetian plasterFluidity is inspired from an amazingly edible moment, both in its feel and vibrant color. Venetian plaster is one of my absolute favorites! It is such a versatile faux finishing technique, complimenting anything it touches. Furniture, walls, art pieces, home decor, bathrooms, fireplaces… the list goes on, and on and on. Last winter while on a trip with Local Freshies®, the most vibrant yet delicate salad was served during a dinner, instantly sparking my inner-artist. The color popped off the plate and the silky texture of the leaves reminded me of the smooth, velvety qualities of Venetian plaster.

With so many varieties & application techniques to Venetian plaster, you can truly open up your creative mind. Fluidity embodies the movement of the finish, as you experience every stroke of the trowel in the finished product. It is also burnished as the final step giving it the shine and its glass-like feeling most Venetian plaster enthusiasts love. My edible inspiration was so vibrant that I had to custom color the finish for a perfect match. No pre-mixed color would capture the pure essence of this culinary specimen!

amazingly edible culinary art nature inspired inspiration color vibrance

Arugula salad with candied walnuts & pomegranate

Depending on your design angle, Venetian plaster is usually applied as all one-color with several layers to create the variations in the finish. But, to inject additional layers of depth, different colors of Venetian plaster can be incorporated, creating a more multi dimensional palette. Whichever you chose, you won’t go wrong. Fluidity is beautiful to see, cool to the touch and will stand out in any space, large or small. This is just another take on the ‘inspired by nature’ philosophy that we are so nluv with! Next time you sit down for a meal, look at your plate. Does anything inspire you (or does it just make you hungry)? You never know… it could be the next great design idea you have for creating a new (amazingly edible) finish.

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