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Creating bin labels & custom tags will kick up your organization to the next level. Tagging isn’t just for social media! Use it in your designs for the ultimate organization. Our last big project, the Snowboard Feature Wall, is complete with all our gear organized in bins. And while we remember what is in each bin right now, will we still remember and not mix items this winter season?

Custom bin labels for the ultimate organization

bin labels

Design custom bin labels to keep your life organized.

Each bin & crate represents a clear category of items or belongs to a specific person. Significant time was put into deciding how to organize our gear for the most efficient use of space & time in findings things. While we are proud of our wall, something is just missing with out labels to finish out the feature. The nluv Studio always has a pile of left over materials and reclaimed wood, so that is exactly where we headed to find materials to make some custom bin labels.

2 Types of Bin Labels

Our display has two types of bins: baskets and wooden crates. Don’t feel like you must have matching labels… we can’t stand things that match! Mix up your colors, materials and application methods for an eclectic, unique & personal touch.

Direct labeling

Wooden crates are a great opportunity to label directly on the bin itself. Smooth sides and wood slats make for the perfect canvas to ‘write’ on. The two crates in our display belong to people rather than a specific item. These bins are filled with the gear used on a regular basis by each family member. What better label than your name so there is no mixing up ‘who’s stuff is who’s’.

bin labels direct labeling

Wooden crates make a perfect canvas for direct labeling.


  • Paint
  • Stencil
  • Finish wax / clear coat (optional)

STEPS: 2-Tone Direct Stenciling

  1. Choose the ‘shadow’ highlighting color (white) and stencil all letters first. Let dry.
  2. Shift stencil a little to the left or right, depending on which direction you want to cast the stencil shadow. Choose another color (blue) and stencil each letter again for a 2-tone lettering effect. Let dry.
  3. Optional: Apply a finishing wax or sealer for added durability or sheen.

Hanging label

All the remaining bins are baskets & each contain a specific type of gear. These bin surfaces are NOT good for direct stenciling so this is where the hanging custom label comes in! I’ll be honest… these labels are the fun ones to design and get creative with!

bin labels door skins tags

Remnant materials make great bin labels.


  • Door skins (wood)
  • Ruler & pencil
  • Utility knife
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood stain
  • Rag for staining
  • Paint
  • Finish wax / clear coat (optional)
  • Stencils
  • Brushes
  • Painter’s tape
  • Drill
  • Twine
  • Hot glue gun (optional)

STEPS: Hanging bin labels

bin labels stenciling

Use tape to help line up your stencils.

  1. Cut remnant door skins to size using a ruler, pencil & scoring with a utility knife.
  2. Sand the edges smooth or create rustic uneven edges.
  3. Stain each door skin label.
  4. Tape out where you will stencil. This will help you keep the lettering straight and not run out of space. Don’t put all lettering in the perfect center of each tag. Make them different, off-center & just have fun. You can always add other details later to fill empty spaces.
  5. Stencil all labels and let dry. Don’t forget to wash or wrap those brushes. Love your brushes!
  6. bin labels hanging twine

    Use twine to hang your labels & add a rustic touch.

    Optional: Apply a finishing wax or sealer for added durability or sheen.

  7. Stack all the wooden tags on top of each other & drill holes in each corner. By stacking, your drill holes will be the same without measuring!
  8. Feed twine through the back of each hole and double tie.
  9. Attach to bins by either tying in place or use a little hot glue to keep the label where you want. I used hot glue to affix the wooden tags to the bins because we won’t be gentle with them this winter. They won’t fall off now for sure!

The Glory of Bin Labels

bin labels snowboard feature wall

Bin labels create the ultimate organization wall feature.

Now our Snowboard Feature Wall is truly complete! Every board, piece of gear, footwear, backpacks… you name it and it is tucked away in its perfect place while we wait (and pray) for snow. Bin labels can be created and attached to anything. Don’t let the word ‘bin’ limit your creativity. Tag up your space for the ultimate in organization. Cabinets, drawers, doors, totes, desks… anywhere you stuff things deserves a label so you remember what’s in there! Don’t just hide all your ‘stuff’. Organize and label it!

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